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Cuttings for sale 2015

Our pruning season starts January 1st and is completed by March 1st when burn season opens. Cuttings orders during this time will be made from fresh canes and shipped as soon as possible.

Orders placed after March 1st are subject to availability and a 20% storage charge.

As of 2014, Epyllion Vineyard is no longer certified organic by Oregon Tilth. We are still committed to organic agriculture, but it was no longer worth the time and expense to certify such a small vineyard. All our grapes (and canes) are grown without the use of herbicides, insecticides or fungicides.

To learn more about the varieties listed below, please study the information on the page “Varieties We Grow” carefully. We only sell cuttings from the grape varieties we grow ourselves. Please note that we cannot sell cuttings of the variety called Regent. It is a patented variety that can only be grown with written permission from the copyright holder.

Red wine varieties White wine varieties Table grape varieties
Maréchal Foch Phoenix Reliance         (limited supply)
Leon Millot

Queen of the Vineyard muscat (very limited supply)

Interlaken       (limited supply)
Chelois   Swenson red   (limited supply)
St. Croix (limited supply)   Vanessa         (very limited supply
Seneca          (very limited supply)
Steuben         (limited supply)

Price list:

There is a 10 cutting minimum for any internet order, with a 5 cutting minimum of any variety. For larger orders, cuttings are sold in bundles of 100 and are of a single variety only.

We also offer a limited selection of bare root and potted vines, primarily of our table grape varieties. Please email us about availability. Bare root vines can only be shipped within Oregon; potted plants are for local pickup only.

We can only ship cuttings to addresses within the United States.

5 – 45 = $1.25/ea

50 – 100 = $1.00/ea

1 - 4 bundles = $75.00/bundle

5+ bundles = $50.00/bundle

Orders placed after March 1st are subject to availability and a 20% storage charge.

Small orders of 100 or fewer cuttings ship nationwide by Priority Mail for a flat rate of $15. Larger orders are sent by UPS; please email us for a shipping quote. Cuttings are mailed on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid having them sit in storage facilities over the weekend.

Our cuttings are approximately 14-16” long, “pencil” thickness and have a minimum of three buds. They have a slanted top cut and a flat bottom cut.

Since we have no control over the conditions in which the cuttings are handled and stored once they leave our vineyard, we cannot guarantee a percentage of growth and offer no refunds. Refrigerate the cuttings damp (not wet), then soak briefly in lukewarm water before planting in a frost-free environment. 90 – 95 % of any properly handled and stored cuttings should sprout and grow.

It takes a great deal of time for us to make, label and handle cuttings properly, so we require a 50% deposit (check, money order or PayPal) with your order, with the remaining payment due before the order is shipped. Checks are not cashed until the order is shipped. Sorry, we are not set up to process credit cards.
Please order early as some varieties are in very short supply. We make cuttings in January and February and are pruned out and done by March 1 every season. This ensures fresh, viable cuttings.


If you know what you want, please place your order with Nils Nordstrom

If you have questions about any of these varieties, please contact Carl Nordstrom